Message from the Pastor


Pastor Glover & First Lady Glover
Pastor Glover & First Lady Glover


At Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, we trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to breathe life within us, allowing it to transform and renew our mind, body and soul into the image of Christ:

  • We believe in the scriptures, as it is our blue print to making us that good and faithful servant that God would have us to be.
  • We are here to bring God’s healing love to hurting people. To set free those who are slaves to sin via the snares of addictions, fears, anxieties and depression, by sharing wisdom and the knowledge of God.
  • To bring good news to the poor, and deliver those who are bound up and broken heart(ed). To preach peace, as Jesus did to the un-church(ed), the alienated, and the excommunicated, God bless.